Mukhteswar – Beauty of Silence

Breaking the schedule

The deafening sound, the pollution and hectic schedule keep your mind busy for every second and you don’t even get time to listen to yourself. There is the only thing that you can do and it is to pack your bag and run away from chaos for a while. And trust me there is no place better than Mukteswar. It does not only have pristine beauty but also is home of diversified flora and fauna.

Mukteswar, itself has the word Mukt (means Mokhsha), got its name from a temple known as Mukteswar Dham. It is a serene town in Nainital district and situated at the level of 2,285 above the sea level. Nainital is a very famous, very commercialised as a tourist place and on the hand, Mukteswar which is around 47kms from town, is away from commercialization. There are few resorts and hotels there. One can have the best camping experience there.

The Beginning

Our trip started from Delhi, took Shatabdi in the morning and reached Kathgodam. We took a taxi and reached Mukteshwar by 4 pm. We booked a campsite for our trip called Teri camps. Camps were well maintained, clean and away from the market. The evening was very cold in the month of May. First of all, we had tea and fritters and after that, we went for stroll nearby.

There were few people on the roads, no vehicles and few shops were closed too. As guided by our hotelier, we went for a small trek near the market. The colour tone of the sky started changing since the sun was about to set. The scenic view from the top place was worth a thousand other experiences. There is a small temple of Hanuman where Aarti was going on. We sat there for an hour, captured the view and this made completed our day.

First Day

Next morning, we planned for the main attractions of Mukteshwar. First of all, we started with a Mukteshwar temple which is on the top of a hill. The weather was pleasant. There were many locals and tourist. One can feel the positivity of orison. Then we went to the most noteworthy place which is just behind the temple. There are two ways of going to Chauli ki jali and both ways are good enough to try.

Adventure at Chauli Ki Jali

Chauli ki jali is a nature’s lover delight. If anyone wants to explore enrapturing sight of the astonishing environment. There are adventure activities like rappelling, archery and rock climbing. Above all, the view from the rock-cut mountain and truly dazzling blue sky. However, there were many large lizards sitting there without any fear.
We enjoyed rappelling and rock climbing, sat there and absorbed the scenes. We came down walking through the jungle and headed towards the main road. You can get a profound view of Almora from there. There are few government houses and cottages there.

The Unexplored

After lunch, we headed to our next destination, known as Bhalu Gaad waterfall. It is a hidden treasure. One can either trek or take the car to this place. We trekked down and it took like an hour to reach there. There was an entry fee. However, the water was clean enough for cliff jump and swim. It was quite clean as only a few people were seen there. It seems like true delight because of lush green scene and rocks. We stayed in the water and enjoyed it for an hour. Finally, we called it a day and then came back to our camp. In the evening, we again went to the Hanuman temple to watch the sunset.

At night we had a small bonfire along with a nice dinner. We shared our experiences and as next was the last day of the trip, we planned accordingly.

Sunrise Point

We woke up early, and went to the sunrise point again while walking, and had most profound experience on Mukteshwar. The silence was unbelievable. We can hear our footsteps. Not even bird was chirping. We reached the top before sunrise and got ready with our cameras to welcome the sun. After breakfast, we checked out and went to a nearby village, had a walk around and met a few locals until our car arrived.


Finally, it was time to say goodbye to this trip. On our way back, the driver stopped our car in a point from where you can see the Himalayas peeking into clouds. With a beautiful landscape scenario, deep blue and clear sky and the bright shades of lights, clouds and mountain will give you the most extravagant experience of your life.

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